October 09, 2005

OF DICE AND MEN-- What is the meaning of Life?

When confronted with quantum theory, Einstein replied, "I am convinced that He (God) does not play dice."

Well this is precisely what this blog purports.

Blog premise: God MUST play dice with man.

With a never ending envy of Einstein, I initially approached this concept with trepidation. But as I continued with the thinking, I was struck by how this premise parallels many of his ideas of mankind. Unfortunately, he focused his mind on the physical rather than the spiritual.

I wrote this in a provocative, informal style, often taunting HIM with his own words. But I do this for a reason, which will be revealed in a later blog.

PART 1 - Why did he miss it?

This part discusses several of the reasons why Einstein never found his ultimate goal. Using his own quotes to demonstrate his shortcomings in the study of humans. I show a plausible conclusion that yes; God does play dice, and has all along.

Thanks to Kevin Harris' site for these quotes, as well as the one above, which provide a backdrop for this discussion.

"The only real valuable thing is intuition"

Now that was profound. Einstein's intuition was quite amazing. Yes, his best physical theories first started as with "intuition." But I'm saddened by the many discoveries that he missed by ignoring his most important intuitions.....those that characterized the human being.

In fact, intuition is most lucid in humor. I'm amazed that he didn't see this in himself.

Humor, is the embodiment of human value (I think I'll do a blog on this sometime). Why is it that the most truly intelligent among us have the most insatiable appetite for humor. His humor is classic as many of the following quotes demonstrate. Let's start with a quote of my own.

"At the root of Humor is profound intuition"
--Dr. Humanstein

So, why then would did he not recognize the value of this? I hope to ask him someday.

"Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love."

That is because gravitation is a logical, precise, theory of the physical world. And to use it, even in jest, to explain or NOT explain Love is a cop-out. I wish he would have studied this concept.

For a supplemental discussion of Love,
please see my blog: WHY DID GOD MAKE PETS? and WHAT IS LOVE?

"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."

Exactly, "roll the dice" once in a while. It's about taking chances... never knowing what will happen. Be curious, try, fail, fail again. You knew it in humor, you practiced it, your learned from it, it IS your being. Why then do you say that "God doesn't play dice?" Obviously, he does it all the time.

And so, when will that meteorite hit earth and kill us all? Can that be calculated? Are you sure? What if we send a rocket up into outerspace and give it a nudge? Are we playing God? Or God's game?

I think I'll skip that little thing about genetic engineering.

"The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education."

So why is this Mr. Einstein? Perhaps you should have combined this with the thought above. Maybe you had too much education on the topic of God.

"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing."

Exactly. So you say "God doesn't play dice". Did you ever question that? Were you ever curious as to why God doesn't gamble? You took gambles didn't you?

"If A is a success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z. Work is x; y is play; and z is keeping your mouth shut."

Personally, I think Einstein understood all that I have said up to this point in the blog. My taunting was for fun.

Clearly he worked and played. I'm convinced he knew the value of play. And after all, "play = chance", does it not? So, therefore, he must have known the importance of play. And thereby God's placement of Chance in the universe.

But he also knew his peers, most of which, sadly, never played. So, he kept his mouth shut on the play side of the equation. In fact, he was a human too. He wanted success and recognition. He chose success over the truly profound human ideas--and only hinted at them in humor. He was, after all, paralyzed by being human and the desire for success.

And, if chance is in our minds, why then, can it not be in the mind of the atom? As the quantumists say.

I think that this paradox was exactly what he struggled with until his death.

"Yes, we have to divide up our time like that, between our politics and our equations. But to me our equations are far more important, for politics are only a matter of present concern. A mathematical equation stands forever."

A bold face lie and he must have known it.

Many, many, equations have been disproved. Even he disproved or improved the equations of other scientists. And the string theorists of today are trying to do the same.

But politics, a human equation, will never end. Let's work on that one.

Part2 - HE, the Casino Owner

So, weather you agree with these ideas or not, keep one thing in mind.

If God does play dice, then he most certainly owns the Casino and sets the olds to pre-determine the ultimate outcome. How else can you explain that ultimately.... throughout time... Love and Good always triumphs over Hate and Evil.

I'm not sure of the exact odds. Maybe 60/40, maybe 70/30. But wouldn't 51/49 be much more interesting?

Part3 - Conclusion

So, why DID he miss it? With all his concepts and clearly understood ideas of mankind... Why then did he miss this variability of destiny?

Well, perhaps he already knew it and yet, could not understand it. Perhaps he knew he could never explain it to the world. Perhaps he was afraid of exposing God himself.

And perhaps.... just perhaps.... Einstein was just going for the low hanging fruit all along. Studying the physical world and God's universe and avoiding God's real beauty... man.

But then again, he did concur most of his day's physical theories. And time too! Then he seemed to work on something else that was sadly beyond his grasp, the illusive "theory of everything".


Answer: Life is just a crapshoot, but God controls the odds.

October 07, 2005


Let's start with a quote from Einstein:

"No, this trick won't work...How on earth are you ever going to explain in terms of chemistry and physics so important a biological phenomenon as first love?"

PART 1 – Pets.

Yesterday I was asking a friend about why she "loves" cars. I asked, "did you’re dad teach you about cars when you were little?" No. "Does your brother or boyfriend love cars too?" No. "So, why do you love cars?" Her answer: "I don't know, I just do."

So I forgot about it, never giving it a second thought.


Late last night I'm sitting in the Gazebo out back. Molly (my dog) is out there as she usually is. I'm indifferent to her as I usually am.

I'm just unwinding after finishing my writing for the night, not ready sleep.

So, my mind starts wondering, thinking, etc. Nothing major, but something in my thoughts touched my heart. I can't remember right now what it was, but that’s not important. What is is the fact that I had a desire tell someone I loved them. That’s a natural feeling.

But damn it. Everyone is asleep. I guess I’ll have to wait for morning. No, the feeling is too strong, but I can’t wake anyone up. Just then I see Molly. "Hey molly, come on girl". Molly comes and I give her a hug and say those little words, “I love you Molly”

That felt good. Cool. Now I am in balance again.

So I think. What the hell was that all about? Oh, pets. That's it. Cool. That's why God gives us pets. Not too profound, maybe a little obvious. I'm satisfied and I go to bed.


I'm driving to work. Something is bugging me. If God gave us a desire to Love and be loved (which is the point of the Molly story), then why do some people NOT have pets. Hum. Oh, I know, they have a spouse they love so they don't need a Dog.

Wrong. If that's the case, then people who love their spouse would not need pets. So, it can't be that simple. After all, I grew up in a good size loving family and we have 2 cats and a dog.

"What the hell is going on here". This is really bugging me.

Then I figure it out. God gave us such an overwhelming need for Love that humans really need lots of love. I mean both quality and quantity. This makes sense. To love and be loved by other humans provides an enormous amount of quality and, in some cases, not enough quantity.

For each person is different. What one person needs and what they get are not always in balance. Maybe their loved ones are not always around. Maybe they just need more than they can get.

So to fill in the "quantity" gap between what you have and what you need, you get a Dog. Lots of quantity and some will say quality too.

“YES” I should. I solved it.

Not so fast . I started to think some more.

And what about those poor people who live in an apartment and can't have a Dog. Oh my! Those sorry fools. Look what they're missing. I say: "For God's sake why don't you move out and get a house AND a dog." These people are just sad people, God must have either given them less desire for Love or their loves ones are so perfect they’re always available when needed. In some cases this is true, yes. But the true power of God is not so profound in this person, it's in another type of person.

Let me explain. In the instant where I figured this out, my mind quickly recalled my meaningless conversation with my Friend yesterday about why she loves cars. Then I immediately recalled about 5 or 6 times over that past year where this woman would talk about her car. AND MAN DOES SHE LOVE HER CAR. It's a PT Cooper and she loves it. To listen to her you would think it was alive. She has bought every possible gadget for it, iPod connections, Phone connections, nice floor mats. She takes it every where. They goes on trips together, etc.

I asked the wrong question. She doesn’t love cars, she may think she does, but she REALLY loves “Her” car. Just that one. Not all cars. You see my friend lives in an apartment with her boyfriend. Truly in love, but NO PETS. But she found a way around this, maybe even subconsciously, I’m not sure.

What is the meaning of all this babble? God is so powerful that HE can even turn a Car into a living animal that gives us unconditional love.

Well, not really. That too is too simple. The answer I came up with is listed below.


Answer: He didn't. He didn't have to because........


Why do children sleep with those silly little blankets? It’s a dumb piece of fabric with jelly stains, tattered and torn, falling apart. That’s right. We’ve been making things into Pets since we were a child. I don’t know about you, but I remember being afraid of the dark and I’m glad I had my pet with me.

So next time you go to wash that blanket, just remember to be careful.

PART 2 – Love

So, this discussion demonstrates how true love can be had ONLY with another Human. However, we have the power to “fall in love with” non-human things. And this is just a convention I call pseudo-love. And we do this for all kinds of reasons all of which are good. It may just fill in for real love, or expand the love we have. It may get us through a difficult time, or the darkness of night. But make no mistake……this is not love.

So what is love then? Well. I’m sorry, I can’t figure that out. And you should be happy that I can’t because if you knew what love was, then it would spoil the enjoyment of it.

It’s kind of like death. Tell me, could you really enjoy life if you knew exactly when you were going to die? I doubt it. And, could you enjoy loving and being loved if you knew what it was? NO WAY! So let’s just settle for the following.

Question: WHAT IS LOVE?

Answer: You don't want to know.


October 06, 2005

That Dirty Immigrant!

And what are the natural forces of Liberty.

Coming soon!

October 04, 2005

Why Humanstein?

Well, what if Albert Einstein directed his genius to the study of the human experience? That's exactly what Humanstein is all about... deep, advanced thought regarding the human being.

Or, if you prefer, think "Frankenstein", but made from the pieces and parts of many many other minds. And his goal is to understand himelf.

However, I'm no Einstein. To reach that level it will take a lot of us...Working together...to develop, refine, discard, and keep ideas with some sort of promise. This will be a difficult journey for me personally. I am a logic driven person... striving for SIMPLE and ELEGANT representations. While "Black and White" is good, I prefer just "White" and "White in the absents of light".

So anyway, welcome to my Blog. Please read and consume. I call myself Dr. Humanstien, but that's just humor. I'm neither a Doctor nor an Einstein. In fact, I flunked out of college twice before giving up forever.

I'm sure that some of my Blogs will be completely false. It is awesome to think how many theories Einstein discarded, or compositions Mozart burned, or painting Leonardo da Vinci scarified. However, I'm sure that many of these Blogs are somewhat true yet far from perfect. That's where YOU come in. Without your feedback and active participation, I will have no idea which Blogs to burn, and which to improve.

If so included, please help with the quest.

It's unlikely, but maybe, just maybe we will create ONE idea that makes our minds immortal.